Work Stoppage Hardship Assistance Program

We understand that from time to time you may find yourself in a challenging financial situation. It’s times like these that we encourage you to talk to us. Let us help determine the best way to provide assistance.

We Care About Your Finances As Much As You Do

Work Stoppage Hardship Assistance Program

We Care About Your Finances.

At AMOCO, we care about our members and your financial success is important to us. In the event of a work stoppage, we would like to provide assistance to those who may be affected. Our Work Stoppage Hardship Assistance Program was established to help keep your AMOCO financial issues from turning into major, complex, long-term difficulties.

We are monitoring the potential work stoppage and are prepared to provide financial assistance by offering loan payment due date extensions for up to 90 days on consumer loans (excludes credit cards and mortgage loans).  If the work stoppage exceeds 90 days, the credit union will offer individual assistance which may include any of the following:

We have a designated team ready to assist if a work stoppage occurs. This group of individuals can be contacted by phone at 409.359.8039 or email at

We will continuously update this page as we receive more information.