Deposit Accounts

Each of us have different reasons for saving our money. With some of the best rates on the market, AMOCO wants to make your savings possibilities endless. Whether you are wanting to start an emergency fund, stock away money for a vacation, or save for retirement, we have an account designed just for you!

Building a financial future starts with a savings account. With as little as $1, you can open a savings account with AMOCO and start your financial foundation. Additionally, your savings account can be easily accessed if an emergency arises.

Teaching responsible saving habits to your children prepares them to be successful adults. Not only are you laying a healthy financial foundation, this savings account has great perks for all minors under the age of 18.

To open an A-ZONE account, a parent or legal guardian must sign as the joint owner of the A-ZONE account. This account can be opened at the branch or through Video Banking. However, if the minor will be granted access to the A-ZONE account, the minor will need to complete the process by signing in-branch. Once the minor reaches the age of majority, he/she will now have full access to the account. If you have questions, please call us at 800.231.6053.

Certificates of Deposit return the greatest amount of interest if you do not plan to spend the deposit amount within your certificate term. You can save for one to seven years and see a greater return on your investment.

Bump Up CDs: A Bump Up CD has all the same terms as Standard CDs, but the interest rates are .15 bps lower across the board. Throughout the term of the CD, a member can use their one-time Bump Up to increase their rate. The Bump Up can be used during anytime of your CD term and will Bump Up to the standard CD rate of the same term. IRA One Time Bump Up CDs are also available.

Hassle Free CDs: A Hassle Free CD can be applied to any Standard, Jumbo or Jumbo Plus CD. A Hassle Free CD will allow members to close their CD at any time during the term and will not be subject to an early withdrawal penalty. A Hassle Free CD has all the same terms as regular CDs, but the interest rates are .15 bps lower across the board. Our Member Loyalty Rewards Bump Up can be applied to Hassle Free CDs.

APY is annual percentage yield and is based on dividend compounding monthly. Early withdrawals are subject to penalty except on the 12 month Hassle Free CDs. For all other CD terms, the early withdrawal penalty is as follows: Terms of 24 – 36 months 120 days’ dividends, Terms of 48 – 60 months 270 days’ dividends, Terms of 84 months 365 days’ dividends. The Member Loyalty Certificate Rate Bump Up can be applied to all CD product types including Hassle Free CD and the Bump Up CD.



Use Member Loyalty Rewards to increase your savings for all Certificates of Deposit product types, including Bump Up CDs and Hassle Free CDs.

An IRA offers significant tax advantages that allows you to set aside money for retirement or education. At AMOCO, we offer Traditional, SEP, Roth and Coverdell ESA IRAs that help you achieve your financial goals.

An IRA Certificates of Deposit is a great alternative for a retirement account or saving for education. You’ll get all the benefits of an IRA with added security, flexibility, and at a higher rate of return.

To open an IRA Certificates of Deposit, please stop by a branch or through Video Banking.