Protect Yourself From Fraud

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Fraud Alerts

Update (12/2022): Members have received fraudulent text messages asking them to visit a suspicious link to confirm or deny a purchase. Please do not click on the link.

Update (11/2022): Members have reported receiving texts for unknown purchases, and when responding with “No” are immediately receiving a call from someone impersonating the AMOCO fraud team asking for their login credentials and/or online account access. These texts and calls are not from AMOCO. If you are contacted regarding possible fraud, please contact us directly at 409-948-8541 or message us via the website. Thank you for your membership.

AMOCO will never directly contact you to ask for personal information, whether it is by phone, social media, or email. Our top priority has and always will be to keep your financial and personal information secure and confidential. 
To help protect members’ personal information, AMOCO uses text alerts to notify and verify members’ debit card transactions. The text message only requests a YES or NO reply from the member. If you receive this message, please respond with a YES or NO reply to confirm whether or not you made the purchase. Please note that these texts do not ask for any personal information (PIN, Online Banking Password, SSN, etc.).
If you received a suspicious fraud message (text, email, phone call, or mail) claiming to be from AMOCO, please do not respond and contact us directly and report the suspicious message you received. By reporting the suspicious messages, we will be able to investigate and inform the rest of our membership.

Please use the form below only to report fraud messages in the form of text, email, phone calls, or mail. Please do not report debit or credit card transaction fraud on the form below. To report Debit Card Fraud, contact us directly. To report Credit Card Fraud, please contact 800.231.6053. To dispute a cash app account transaction, please visit here.

Fraud Prevention Tools

While it’s impossible to prevent frauds and scams, there are ways to minimize your risk.

Multiple communication devices

Call Center & Video Banking

If you have received a suspicious email, phone call, or text claiming to be from AMOCO, please do not respond. Instead, call us directly through our Call Center at 800.231.6053 or speak to a live AMOCO Representative through Video Banking.

Youth Meet-ups

Wednesday Wisdom

Each week on our social media channels
(Facebook | Instagram), we post “Wednesday Wisdom” to educate members about our services, fraud prevention, and identity theft tips to decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim.

Learn more about Credit Cards

EMV Chip Cards

We issue credit and debit cards embedded with secure microchip technology that provides an extra layer of protection against fraud.

On-Site Visits

Enhanced ID Theft Resolution

MasterCard offers a unique blend of complimentary solutions to help protect your account and resolve identity theft incidents, including Identity Monitoring, 1Bureau Credit Monitoring, Financial Account Takeover Alerts and White-Glove Restoration Service for complex situations.2

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Custom Account Alerts

Stay in touch with your accounts 24/7 with alerts. Account alerts are free, electronic messages regarding recent activity and are delivered by email, text, and push notifications to your cell phone.


Credit IQ, Powered by SavvyMoney

Checking your credit report using our credit monitoring tool can help you spot any discrepancies or unauthorized entries that could indicate fraudulent activity.

1 For specific restrictions, limitations and other details, see your card agreement or contact AMOCO Federal Credit Union. 2Sign up required for some services. Call 1.800.Mastercard for sign up details, or visit Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

Identity Theft presented by MoneyEdu

An overview of identity theft, including strategies for preventing it and what to do if it happens to you. Learn more about Identity Theft.


Report Suspicious Calls, Texts, Emails, etc.

Did you receive communication that appears to be from AMOCO or impersonating an AMOCO Representative that you believe is a scam or fraud attempt? If so, please complete the form below and include a copy of the message, if available. Please do not use this form to report debit or credit card transaction fraud or disputes. Visit our Contact Us page to report a lost debit or credit card and fraudulent transactions or disputes.