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Make the most of your AMOCO membership!

When you join AMOCO, you become a part of a credit union community. A community that understands the importance of relationships and the value of working together.

Member Rewards ribbons

Member Rewards

Because relationships are everything.

As a member, you’ll always receive favorable rates on loans and deposits and pay little to no fees for checking account services. That’s why we offer and designed our Member Rewards program to provide an enhanced rewards experience. This program offers exclusive loan rate discounts, certificate rate bonus options, ATM fee credits, and a mortgage lender credit! There are three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.


7-13 Points
  • 0.10% Loan Rate Discount1
  • 0.10% Certificate Rate Bump Up2
  • Up to $5 Monthly ATM Service Fee Credit3


14-19 Points
  • 0.20% Loan Rate Discount1
  • 0.20% Certificate Rate Bump Up2
  • Up to $10 Monthly ATM Service Fee Credit3
  • $250 Mortgage Lender Credit


20+ Points
  • 0.30% Loan Rate Discount1
  • 0.30% Certificate Rate Bump Up2
  • Up to $15 Monthly ATM Service Fee Credit3
  • $500 Mortgage Lender Credit

Access Cash Without Paying ATM Fees!

When you need cash and can’t get to an AMOCO ATM, look for one of more than 55,000 surcharge-free Allpoint ATMs. You’ll find Allpoint ATMs in retail locations such as HEB, Kroger, Target, CVS, Walgreens and more. Just look for the Allpoint logo and use your AMOCO MasterCard Debit Card for fast, convenient ATM transactions that are always surcharge-free; we guarantee it! If you ever have a surcharge assessed at an Allpoint ATM, just give us a call, and we’ll take care of it.

Click or tap the Allpoint logo to find the nearest ATM or download the mobile app (Apple, Google). To find a cash deposit-accepting ATM, look for the Allpoint+ name!

Member Rewards cannot be combined with other offers, are subject to change without notice and can be discontinued at any time. 1Member Rewards Loan Rate Discounts are available on new loans only and exclude the following loan types: real estate, credit cards, line of credit, share secured, credit builder and credit mender loans, and special promotional loan rates. 2Member Rewards Certificate Rate Bump Ups are available on new certificates only; including renewals. 3ATM service fee credit applies to fees imposed by AMOCO when using a non-AMOCO ATM and excludes surcharge fees assessed by the ATM owner. There are no fees for AMOCO members to withdraw cash or inquire about a balance when using any AMOCO ATM or Allpoint Nationwide Network ATMs. The Member Rewards program is not applicable to business accounts.

Earn Points

Member Rewards are easy to earn and are based on the products and services you use at AMOCO.  The program is designed to offer instant rewards. Plus, you have the opportunity each month to level up to a higher Member Rewards tier when you use additional AMOCO products and services! Think of it as a ‘Thank You’ just for choosing AMOCO! 

Products and Services Point Value
Direct Deposit
7 points
Deposit Balance (minimum $50,000)
7 points
Debit Card (minimum one transaction per month)
5 points
Credit Card
5 points
Mortgage Loan
3 points
Auto Loan
2 points
Checking Account (Share Draft)
1 point

The maximum number of Member Rewards points earned is up to 30. Points earned are based on one product/service type. Multiple products and services of the same type DO NOT earn additional points. 


Member Rewards FAQs

Browse Our Frequently Asked Questions Below.

Each month, members have the opportunity to level up based on usage of the qualifying products and services. To check your Member Rewards level, you can use the point chart above or send a Member Rewards Level Request.

Member Rewards points are calculated at the end of each month. The amount of points each member receives at the end of the month determines the Member Rewards level.

Saving matters. Whether it is for a financial emergency or a memorable moment, depositing funds on a regular basis will prepare you for whatever life brings your way. To receive Member Rewards points for Direct Deposit, the primary owner’s account must have $500 or more ACH deposits within 35 days beginning the first of the month.

You’ve worked hard to save for whatever life brings your way and we applaud you. Member Rewards points for Deposit Balance are determined by the primary owner’s cumulative balance on all of their accounts. The account types include; Savings (Share), Checking (Share Draft), Money Market, Term Share Certificates, and IRAs. 

Your money when you need it – with a tap or swipe of your card. To receive Member Rewards points for Debit Card, the primary account holder must make at least one debit card transaction per month, excluding ATM transactions. Be sure to add your AMOCO debit card to your mobile wallet for easy online purchases!

Credit cards are safer to carry and offer stronger fraud protection. To receive Credit Card Member Rewards points, the primary owner of the membership must have an AMOCO Credit Card.

There’s no better place than AMOCO to house your Mortgage. Member Rewards points are given to primary owners who have a Mortgage Loan with AMOCO.

The Mortgage Lender Credit applies specifically to AMOCO’s Lender Fee and can only apply to mortgage closing fees at the time of closing. Our Lender Fee is $1,500 for all mortgage loans except government loans (FHA & VA). If we have reduced our Lender Fee for any reason, for example, matching an offer from a competitor, the Lender Fee will be credited towards closing costs. The difference in the amount cannot be applied to third-party fees such as appraisals, title fees, or other closing costs.

To receive Member Rewards points for Auto loan, the primary owner of a membership must have an Auto loan with AMOCO. 

Everyone needs a checking, but you shouldn’t have to pay a monthly service fee or worry about a minimum balance to keep it open. If you are the primary owner of your membership and have a Checking Account (Share Draft), then you qualify to receive Member Rewards points!

The ATM Service fee will be reversed one business day after the fees have been charged. Please note: ATM service fee credit only applies to fees imposed by AMOCO when using a non-AMOCO ATM and excludes surcharge fees assessed by the ATM owner. ATM fees will be reversed in one daily lump sum and will be reflected in your account. 

2023 Rewards



In additional certificate dividends



In loan interest



In ATM fee credits



In mortgage lender credits

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