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When unexpected life events happen, make sure you and your loved ones are protected from financial burdens that could come with your loans.

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When an unfortunate life event happens such as disability or loss of life, it can be difficult to make loan payments. We offer payment protection options designed to fit your budget and coverage needs.

Watch this short video that explains the value of payment protection.

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It was on the Monday of finals week.

Our final paper was dealing with loss of a loved one and I can remember my phone just ringing and ringing and ringing.

Eventually my teacher was like, hey, you need to shut your phone off.

I had gotten out of that class after, you know, a lot of reflection on End of Life.

Not at the moment realizing how true it was going to become.

The horses have been a part of my life since I was a baby.

There’s pictures of me as, you know, an infant sitting on a horse.

I had big dreams, big aspirations, and then I found out I was pregnant.

My mom and dad both work there for me through so much.

They showed me that we were going to get through it, and that family is hope.

My dad was working in the in the sun and the snow and whatever elements.

That was who he was.

And you know this, this hat is my dad.

It is what I picture.

When I think about the last times that I saw him after I had gotten out of that final, I instantly just had this terrible feeling like something was wrong.

I finally got a hold of my mom and she said, Amy, your dad’s been in an accident.

He fell at work and he’s hurt very badly.

She said that they were about ready to take him in the Med flight.

She said, do you want to talk to your dad?

And I said, yeah, she put the phone up to his ear and I said Dad, I love you.

He said, I know Am

And that was the last time that I got to talk to him.

Payment protection made a huge impact because we could have very easily lost everything the farm that my parents worked so hard to have.

Horses are like life, you know.

You might think you have a handle on one and you’re going really great and then all of a sudden it’s like, “Oh, you’re in the dirt.”

Things like that happen every day.

You can lose your livelihood or pay the miniscule amount of to have that insurance.

Gets a pretty simple choice for me.

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