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Turn your financial goals into fantastic realities by starting a membership with AMOCO. There’s no cost to join. The minimum requirement is a $1.00 new membership deposit. When you become a member, you’ll enjoy better rates and exceptional service. 

Why join AMOCO FCU?

Experience the AMOCO difference. When you become a part of AMOCO, you become a part of a not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution. It’s more than a membership. It’s an ownership.


Not ready to apply yet? If you have questions, we have answers. Ask us before you apply, and we will make sure we get your questions answered. 


We have answers.

When you become a member of AMOCO, you receive more than just the benefits of our products and services. You gain access to a community of financial experts that are here to guide you through every life stage. From buying your first house to facing an unexpected challenge, we will be here for you today, tomorrow and forever. Just ask the person that referred you.

Accounts opened online are typically opened during the same business day or within 24 hours of submitting your application. Your new account will be opened after you electronically sign a digital signature card and fund the account.

A digital signature card is an important document we keep on file with the signatures of all people authorized to use your account. We will send the digital signature card to you through secure email as it will contain your new member number.

Set up direct deposit by providing the following information to your employer, investment company, or any agency you would like:

  • AMOCO FCU’s Routing Number: 313189391
  • You will need a 10-digit number which will be your member number, including a leading zero, and your account suffix (usually 10 for savings and 20 for checking). Ex. Member 1234567 going to checking would like 0123456720. This will be provided to you after your account is opened.
  • AMOCO FCU’s mailing address: PO Box 889, Texas City, TX 77592-0889

Of course you can! Establish your membership online or visit an AMOCO branch near you to begin your membership. Be sure to have the following information:

  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s license or government ID
  • Current home address
  • Current email address

First, you’ll want to cancel any automatic bill payments or drafts you have scheduled with your bank. This will prevent those payments from overdrawing the checking account you’re closing. Be sure to leave sufficient funds for any pending debits that you are not able to stop right away.

Next, you’ll want to switch your direct deposit to your new account at AMOCO. After doing that, you can reschedule automatic bill payments or drafts from your new account.

Your final step should be to close your old account and withdraw remaining funds. We recommend closing your account in person after all checks written, debit card transactions, and any automatic bill payments or drafts have cleared. Don’t forget to shred all checks and debit cards that are linked to your closed account.

Yes! By moving your loans to AMOCO, it could save you hundreds of dollars. The best way to determine your potential savings is to meet with one of our financial experts. They can review your current loan and credit card statements and compare your current loan rate(s) to ours. If you find our rates and terms more favorable, we’ll begin the refinancing process.  

Wherever your day takes you, your accounts are just a tap and click away with the AMOCO Mobile App. Once you’ve obtained your new member number, simply download the AMOCO App and register as a new user.

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