84th Annual Meeting

84th Annual Business Meeting

Welcome to AMOCO’s 84th Annual Meeting. Our presentation will begin shortly.

Roger D. McCrary – Chairman

James “Rusty” Norman – Vice President

Andre Parker -Treasurer

Ruben Torres – Secretary

Ron Mullen – Director

Chet Rich – Director

Pat Tinsley – Director

Tim Bulot – Honorary Director Emeritus

Bob F. Steel – Honorary Director Emeritus

Hedy Minter – Supervisory Committee Chairman

Chris DeVires – Supervisory Committee Member

Sonny Tholcken – Supervisory Committee Member

Josh Chapman – Governance Committee Chairman

Craig Mason – Governance Committee Member

Stacy Cortez – Governance Committee Member

Savanna Marroquin – Recognition Award: Rookie of the Year

Kirklin Benoit – Recognition Award: Employee of the Year

Morgan Muraca – Recognition Award: Manager of the Year

James “Rusty” Norman – Recognition Award: Volunteer of the Year Award

Clear Creek ISD Recognition Award: Select Partner of the Year

AJ and Lynn Amato Recognition Award: Platinum Club Member of the Year

Jerry and Susie Newman Recognition Award: Platinum Club Member of the Year

[Music] Before we begin our business meeting, we would like to share a short video highlighting some great moments from 2021. It’s the season for remembering, so as this year comes to a close, we reflect back and celebrate every moment, interaction, community involvement achievement, recognition, opportunity, and everything in between to better serve you, our members, and make all of these truly special because together we’re better!

[Music] Invocation by Andre Parker. Oh God, our Father, how we thank you for this day, our Father, we thank you for gathering here, and we thank you, Father, for the Credit Union and for all that it does for the community and its members, and we are asking now Father that you will bless those who work tirelessly to serve their community and serve their members. Father, we pray for the leadership and their guidance, and we ask it now, Father, that everything will be done decently, and in order to bless your name and all that we do in Jesus’ name, we pray Amen.

Pledge of Allegiance and Texas Pledge
I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible.

Shawn Bailey – Chief Executive Officer & President
As the nation in the world continues to struggle through the pandemic, the credit union adapted and stayed true to its mission of serving the financial needs of our members. the credit union continues to witness a dramatic increase in members conducting their business remotely by computer or phone as exemplified by our electronic lending department funding over $100 million dollars in loans for the second consecutive year surpassing activity for all physical branches combined. The credit union also introduced Video Banking in-branch remote environments this past year beyond providing an enhanced social distinct approach to serving our members. This new channel also allows credit to allocate its resources more effectively across the branch network. The credit union also remains committed to a flex work environment where most employees have the flexibility to choose to work remotely or at an office location. The creating success in 2021 can further be attributed to the members and Real estate growth strategies. The member strategy focused on member engagement, member business penetration, effective relationship development, and sales strategies in its first year of implementation. The member strategy generated over 3,000 financial savings opportunities for our members with the renewed focus on enhancing our Real Estate Loan product offerings. The credit union also funded over 100 million in Real Estate Loans for our members, the most in credit union history. The credit union was also granted an opportunity by its Federal Regulator to expand its field of membership. As a result, almost 2.5 million individuals who live, worship, work, or regularly conduct business in Galveston County and segments of adjacent counties became eligible to join the credit union. In light of this membership expansion, the credit union performed a bright site section analysis and secured a new branch in the Clear Lake City area targeted to open in the second half of this year. Several companies fell victim to ransomware attacks in 2021. Notably, colonial headquartered in our local market area.
Consequently, the credit union added several infrastructure security enhancements to minimize our exposure to similar cyber security risks. Ranging from anti-virus protection email and spam detection, active directory recovery, and enhanced VPN security features. In addition, the credit union makes significant strides in improving information security policies and procedures. Beyond these securities, enhancements are implemented under our digital strategy. The credit union also added a person-to-person payment option vie Zelle and automated the skip-a-payment process for our members. In addition, the credit union improved operational efficiencies by implementing various integrated solutions in various departments. Finally, the credit union has significant results-oriented accomplishments in its business intelligence and digital marketing divisions. The credit union also introduced a new strategic initiative in 2021 focusing on its most valuable assets, its employees as exemplified n the employee opinion survey ver 90% of our employees say the credit on is a great place to work and they are satisfied with their job. However, considering the great resignation, the mental stress of COVID, and the social issues that have led to civil unrest in our nation, the credit union felt it was critical to focus on what differentiates our credit union from other employers. Our Culture.

Business Meeting Called to Order
A recommended amendment to the 83rd Annual Meeting minutes was emailed to the credit union prior to today’s meeting. We received no changes; therefore, in the absence of amendments, they are approved and accepted as reported in the Annual Report.

The Nominating Committee met in November of 2021 and nominated the following members for the 2022 Board of Directors: Pat Tinsley – Position #1 and Andre Parker – Position #7. Since the Nominating Committee has only selected one applicant for each open position and the credit union received no nominations by petition on behalf of the Nominating Committee, I declare each nominee elected by acclamation.

Closing Remarks
In closing, the credit union had its best year in history in terms of net income of 12.5 million, loan growth of over $130 million, Real Estate growth f over $64 million, and membership growth of over 5oo members bringing total assets to over 1.25 billion-member equity to $105 million and a total membership of 95,000. On behalf of the leadership team and employees of this credit union, I thank the board for the strategic direction and the membership for your confidence and trust in allowing the credit union to serve your financial needs. Thank you.

[Music] AMOCO Federal Credit Union Milestones
30 Years of Service – Maria Quintanilla, Deborah Vyvial
25 Years of Service – Damita Nance
20 Years of Service – Shawn Bailey, Letha James
15 Years of Service – Jacqueline Coleman, Ana Cortez, Cynthia Kayali, Ann Ramos, Betty Wilhoite
10 Years of Service – Veronica Derrick, Samuel Haley, Stacey Malbrough, Alyssa Stupka
5 Years of Service – Kristin Allen, Travis Alvarado, Daisy Arellano, Samantha Bergstrom, Melina Burton, Christina Chitty, Karmann Cochran, Nariel Cruz, Elissa Endsley, Jonis Flores, Thomas Guerretaz, Fabiola Gutierrez, Marianne Maple, Joshua Ryding, Michael Smith, William Smith, Anna Sosa, Michael “Weston” Tucker

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