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Financial Planning for Your Wedding

If you get started early, make informed decisions, and break the wedding planning process down into smaller achievable goals, the planning journey can be nearly as enjoyable as the destination.
A groom and bride pose for a photo.

Your Wedding, Your Priorities

Planning a wedding is no small responsibility. When you factor in the cost, the countless moving parts and the hundreds of decisions large and small, the idea of running off to a Las Vegas chapel becomes more appealing by the second.While wedding planning can tax you physically, financially and emotionally, it doesn't have to be a stressful exp...
A bride and groom on the beach.
A sign pointing to different wedding events.

A Breakdown of the Costs Associated with Weddings

When it comes to skyrocketing costs, weddings are right there with college tuition.That's something anyone who has done even the most rudimentary bit of wedding planning can attest to. The price of a conventional wedding continues to rise at a record pace. According to CNN Money, the average cost of a wedding in 2015 was more than $32,000 -- a ...
A couple reviews financial statements at home.

Why Set Wedding Planning Priorities?

Unless you're a billionaire or a member of a royal family, your wedding budget probably isn't unlimited -- and that means smart spending priorities are key to a successful matrimonial experience. Those who take the time to carefully draw up a comprehensive, itemized budget -- then rank each expense in terms of priority -- will have the best...
A couple at their outdoor wedding reception.

Celebration Options for Every Budget

Weddings are expensive and a serious logistical challenge. They are also filled with deep symbolic meaning - everyone wants their wedding to be an original, flawlessly executed expression of love.No Pressure There, Right?It's perfectly understandable that we all want our weddings to be special - and that makes the initial decision abo...
A couple on the beach at sunset.

Exploring Memorable Honeymoon Options

Honeymoons are about two things: Enjoying time together alone with your new spouse - and decompressing from all the stress and commotion involved with a traditional wedding.Where you choose to spend your honeymoon is usually also guided by two things: Your personal preferences - and what you can afford. With any luck, these two things are aligned.I...
A young woman writes an entry in her diary.

A Pre-Wedding Checklist

While there is no "right" or "wrong" length of time to be engaged, the average pre-wedding engagement period is around 15 months.  For a conventional wedding, this makes sense, as the list of decisions to make and research is quite exhaustive - and potentially exhausting.Unexpected delays can seriously increase your wedding...
A piggy bank on top of gold coins.

How To Save for Your Wedding

With the average cost of a wedding now approaching $35,000, it's natural to feel a bit of concern about the costs involved. You don't necessarily have to dial back your ambitions, however. If you start saving early - and employ some savvy strategies to keep costs down - the wedding you want will likely be within your reach.To help you accom...

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