Celebration Options for Every Budget

A couple at their outdoor wedding reception.

Weddings are expensive and a serious logistical challenge. They are also filled with deep symbolic meaning - everyone wants their wedding to be an original, flawlessly executed expression of love.

No Pressure There, Right?

It's perfectly understandable that we all want our weddings to be special - and that makes the initial decision about what kind of celebration to have a critical one. It's not easy, however, to come up with an idea that feels fresh and exciting.

With that in mind, let's discuss some of the different wedding celebration options for you to consider.

Traditional - With a Twist

We've all been to the conventional wedding celebration: The formal ceremony, the reception in an event space, the duck dance, the chicken and pasta plate. Even if this is the route you want to go - and in fact, most people choose some variation of this tried-and-true formula - there's no reason why you shouldn't freshen up the approach with an added twist. It doesn't have to be a major shift - perhaps you choose to go with a vintage theme or move your reception into a modern art gallery.

The point is that you can have all of the traditional elements - the procession, the garter toss, assigned seating, etc. - while still making the event feel fresh.

The Destination Wedding

There is much to be said for the idea of the destination wedding. It allows you to start the honeymoon immediately. It also allows guests to combine the wedding with a vacation experience. Most importantly, it offers a dramatic backdrop that can heighten the intensity of the wedding experience.

Unfortunately, destination weddings tend to be quite expensive, so not everyone will be thrilled with the idea. It's also a challenge to get dozens or even hundreds of people to accommodate a destination wedding in their schedule.

If you can pull it off, however, a destination wedding has the potential to be an unforgettable experience.

Budget - But With Style

You don't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to create a memorable wedding celebration. Skip the military campaign-level planning process and opt for something simple yet compelling. Invite a few dozen of your closest friends and family members for an intimate ceremony (or just opt for a quick civil ceremony) and a relaxed, informal reception afterward.

The Kitsch Wedding / Eloping

If you love Las Vegas - and hate the idea of a conventional marriage celebration - consider taking a trip to the desert and getting married by one of the many Elvis-inspired officiants who operate in the state of Nevada. A kitschy wedding isn't for everyone, but it's fast, inexpensive - and makes for a great story.

Married On The High Seas

Most luxury cruise lines are happy to arrange wedding festivities for guests. If you've ever dreamed of being married by a sea captain with thousands of miles of blue ocean surrounding you, this is another memorable celebration option.

The Takeaway

Choosing the right celebration is a key part of having a happy wedding experience. Finding the celebration that best suits your preferences - and budget - will help get your marriage started on the right foot.