Simple Ways to Save on Everyday Items

A woman shopping at the supermarket.

Knowing when to hit the stores can make a big difference at checkout. For instance, most grocery stores discount their meat a day or two before their next sale is set to begin. Check with the meat department where you shop to see which day of the week they begin discounting the meats already in the case.

The local butcher isn’t the only one offering time-sensitive discounts. Stores and manufacturers tend to offer deep discounts on certain items during specific months of the year.  Here is a breakdown of the most common bargains found month-by-month:

January Bargain Sales

  • post-holiday sales
  • fall merchandise
  • furniture
  • home appliances [cookware
  • bed and bath linens
  • rugs
  • sports equipment
  • computers and other electronics

February Bargain Sales

  • jewelry
  • perfumes
  • gift items
  • electronics
  • floor coverings
  • house wares
  • furniture

March Bargain Sales

  • spring clothing
  • wedding gifts
  • air conditioners
  • washers and dryers
  • garden supplies
  • outdoor winter sports gear
  • luggage
  • china

April Bargain Sales

  • spring clothing
  • yard and garden supplies
  • bridal gowns (save up to 70%)
  • furniture
  • cruises
  • European vacations
  • paint and wallpaper

May Bargain Sales

  • gifts for Mom
  • silver
  • watches
  • athletic clothing and shoes
  • linens and towels
  • wedding gowns
  • furniture
  • cruises
  • European vacations
  • home maintenance items

June Bargain Sales

  • gifts for Dad
  • fishing and camping gear
  • men's cologne
  • summer items
  • storm windows
  • summer clothing
  • televisions
  • building materials

July Bargain Sales

  • air conditioners
  • summer items
  • school supplies
  • school clothes
  • summer sports equipment

August Bargain Sales

  • school supplies
  • school clothes
  • summer clothing (bathing suits and sandals)
  • linens and towels
  • lawn and garden equipment

September Bargain Sales

  • winter wear (winter coats, gloves, scarves)
  • summer clothes
  • outdoor grills
  • lawn furniture
  • bicycles
  • house wares

October Bargain Sales

  • winter wear (winter coats, gloves, scarves)
  • last year's car models
  • fishing equipment
  • houses
  • crystal
  • silver
  • glassware

November Bargain Sales

  • houses
  • quilts and blankets
  • space heaters
  • winter clothing

December Bargain Sales

  • clothing
  • appliances
  • gifts
  • wrapping paper
  • holiday cards
  • other holiday items
  • cars

Knowing when to shop for certain items (especially big ticket items) can help you save thousands each year on regularly used items. Be sure to plan ahead and stock up when those sales hit for the best value.