Debit Card Controls

Card Controls Puts you in Charge

Debit Card Controls Video

Card Controls are available for AMOCO debit cards! Card Controls is a feature that allows you to control your debit card in real-time. Card controls help provide an extra layer of protection. You can block your card immediately if it has been lost and turn it back on as soon as you find it.

How to use Card Controls:

Prevent Fraud

Prevent fraud in case your card is lost or stolen by manually blocking your card.

Transaction Alerts

Setup transaction alerts sent to your phone or email to track purchases.

How to Get Started

1. Log in to Online Banking or Mobile App.

2.  Click: Card Management from the Menu to register your AMOCO debit card. 

3. Once you register, you can select your preferred alert delivery method.

4. Now you’re ready to manage your card!

Turning on Card Controls won’t impact any approved monthly transactions you have set-up.

Card Controls FAQs

The answers you need to the questions you have.

Card Controls give members the ability to control their debit cards. Members have access to block or unblock their debit card.

No, using Card Controls is absolutely free and benefit for AMOCO members!

You can access Card Controls by logging into your Online Banking or Mobile App

Members will receive  immediate notification of transactions made using their AMOCO debit card. Alert preferences are able to be selected based on amount, location, transaction type, and merchant type.

If your card is blocked it will show in red. Click: Unblock to reactivate your card. 

You can quickly block/unblock your card by logging into your Online Banking or Mobile App and click on the Card Management widget and click Block.

No, you will have to navigate to Card Controls, using Online Banking or Mobile App, to set up the new debit card and preferred alert delivery method.

Any payment setup using your AMOCO Debit Card will not process while your card is blocked.

Spending limit feature will be coming soon.

Transaction alerts will be sent anytime your purchases are approved or declined with your AMOCO Debit Card.

Customization for these alerts coming soon!


AMOCO Credit Cards will be available to block/unblock in the future!