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Stop in for a visit! You'll be happy you did.

Here's a sample of a few great services you can take advantage of when you visit a branch.

Safety Deposit Boxes.

Single and co-renter contracts are available to store valuables and important items. Boxes are available at the following branch locations: Bay Colony, Santa Fe, Texas City, Tuscan Lakes, and Friendswood. Box sizes (in inches) vary by branch location and include: 3x5, 3x10, 5x10, 10x10 and 15x10.

  • Annual fees range from $20 for smaller boxes to $120 for larger boxes
  • $25 to replace a key
  • Approximately $175 to cover costs if box must be drilled due to lost keys

Free Notary Service.

Available for AMOCO members at all branch locations.

Self-Service Coin Counters*.

Turn your loose coins into cash or deposit the funds into your AMOCO account. Once the machine counts your coin, you'll receive a receipt that you can use for cash back or to deposit. Coin counters are available at the following branch locations: Bay Colony, Galveston, Santa Fe, Texas City, Tuscan Lakes, and Friendswood.

*This service is available with a fee. View the 2019 Fee Schedule

Over 5,000 Shared Branches.

AMOCO is part of a nationwide network with thousands of credit unions that have joined together in a cooperative effort to bring you a new level of convenience. You can access your AMOCO accounts and conduct business within the CO-OP Shared Branch network, just as if you were at your home branch. This service is very convenient if you are traveling or moving away from the local area, and wish to maintain your AMOCO accounts.

To transact AMOCO business at a CO-OP Shared Branch you will need to do the following:

  • Identify yourself as an AMOCO Federal Credit Union member
  • Provide your AMOCO member and account number, plus valid photo ID
  • Please keep in mind that policies at a CO-OP Shared Branch may differ from those at AMOCO, including: holds on checks and money orders, endorsement verification, etc.
         Co-OP Shared Branch logo to find a shared branching

Find a CO-OP Shared Branch near you.

Sell it. Buy it. Announce it.

What is Member-to-Member Classifieds? M2M Classifieds is a FREE online listing of vehicles, real estate and merchandise being sold by AMOCO Federal Credit Union members. Its purpose is to connect private sellers to potential buyers. Members may also use this site to post announcements.

Ready to sell, buy or announce? Get started with Member-to-Member Classifieds!

Car buying made easy.

We've been in the auto loan business a long time! Over the years, we built a network of partnerships to offer you easy car buying solutions. Take a look at the services listed below, all designed to make your car buying experience a smooth ride.

The new way to buy a car!

Say hello to Carvana, the leading e-commerce platform for buying the best used cars online. Through the Carvana/AMOCO co-branded website you can buy a car using AMOCO financing, complete your purchase online, and sign all of your contracts electronically. Every car is Carvana Certified with a 100 day/4,189 mile “Worry Free Guarantee” and a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. Create your personal Carvana profile now to begin your search. Then relax and experience a whole new way to buy a car.

Search local dealership inventories.

If traditional car buying is your preferred choice, you can save time and money by using our Member Auto Center (MAC) co-branded website. Through this website, you can start your search for a new or used auto at more than 100 local area dealerships. You can also get pre-approved for AMOCO financing, get vehicle values, and car buying advice. Search or build your next car now.

One stop shopping.

We know how much work it can be to purchase and finance a new or used auto. That's why we've simplified the process by partnering with local dealers to offer AMOCO financing at the dealership. This program offers you the convenience of getting your financing from AMOCO and saves you time by not having to make any trips to the credit union. Here’s how it works.

  • Select a participating Direct Dealership.
  • Make an appointment with the Credit Union Fleet/Sales Representative and let them know you are using AMOCO financing.
  • After you select a car and agree on the price, the dealership finance department will communicate with our lending team to process your loan request.
  • After we approve your loan, you can sign all AMOCO loan documents at the dealership.

Protect your Investment.
  • We offer Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) for only $395.00. GAP pays the difference on your car's value versus what you owe if your car is stolen or totaled.
  • If you didn't purchase an extended warranty plan on your vehicle, let us know! We would be happy to provide you with a price quote. For just pennies a day, your auto could be protected from unexpected repair costs.
  • Credit Life and Disability (payment protection) is another affordable product we offer to help you and your family in time of need. By adding payment protection to your loan you'll have peace of mind knowing your loan is covered.
Travel Tips.

Whether traveling out of the country or to another city, please complete the following steps to ensure convenient use of your debit and/or credit card. By telling us when and where you’re traveling, we’ll know that it’s you making purchases. Without a notification, we may deny those purchases to protect your account from fraudulent activity, until you contact us to authorize them.

Please notify us 3-5 business days prior to your scheduled departure date to avoid your card(s) being blocked by our fraud monitoring services.


  • Membership number
  • Account holder name
  • Account holder phone/email
  • Travel start/end dates
  • Travel destination(s)


  1. Make sure your contact information and cell phone number are up to date on your account.
  2. Submit a travel notification online or in person 3-5 business days prior to your scheduled departure date.


  • Need us during business hours? Call AMOCO toll-free at 800.231.6053 (Ext. 8674) or send us an email.
  • For assistance after hours, call MasterCard or VISA card services at 800.442.4757 (within the U.S.) or Worldpay Customer Service at 972.391.6840 (outside the U.S.).
  • For MasterCard cardholders wanting information about insurance benefits with their card, please call MC Assist Services at 1.800.MCASSIST (within the U.S.) or 636.722.7111 (outside the U.S.).


  • Travel with multiple forms of payment.
  • Save the important contact numbers listed above in your phone prior to your scheduled departure date.
  • Upon arrival to your destination, complete a PIN transaction so our fraud monitoring services can confirm your travel area.

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