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News and Events > Important Information Regarding Your Tax Refund

Important Information Regarding Your Tax Refund Direct Deposit
Tax season is here and we want to make sure you get your refund! In order to accurately list your account number for IRS Tax Refund automatic direct deposits, you must use the proper 10 digit format for proper posting to your account.

For example: Member #1234560 wants to deposit their refund into Savings # 1. To indicate the accurate account number, they would use format: 0123456010. If they wanted to deposit the refund into Checking # 2 – they would use 0123456020 (same series on bottom of checks). If you have an alternate checking, perhaps # 5 or #6, use the number series on the bottom of your checks.

Also, if filing jointly, both parties must be owners of the account funds are being deposited.

AMOCO cannot knowingly post an IRS Tax Refund deposit to a members account if the name and social security number of that deposit do not match an owner on the account. If we receive a direct deposit and the name and social security number do not match the account number, we must return the deposit per Government ACH Rules. :  If you want to know when you will receive your tax refund, please visit:'s-My-Refund-It's-Quick,-Easy,-and-Secure.

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