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Loan Payment Center

Make secure online payments to any AMOCO loan or credit card using funds from your checking or savings account at any other financial institution.

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VISA Check Card

Checking Accounts > VISA Check Card

Enjoy the convenience of using your AMOCO VISA Check Card as an ATM card or to pay for purchases with funds from your checking account. This includes purchases you make at the grocery store, department store, gas station, online or anywhere VISA is accepted. With a VISA Check Card you get the benefits of a checkbook, an ATM Card, and the power of VISA, all in one.

To apply for a VISA Check Card, login to Online Banking, select "Accounts" and "VISA Check Card App".

  • Fast, convenient, and safe way to pay
  • No need to use your PIN - just swipe and sign
  • Purchase amount deducted from checking
  • No annual fee or monthly billing fee
  • Detailed description of every transaction appears on your monthly statement
  • Prewards incentives

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